If Jesus opened a youth centre…

Behave, Believe, Belong

Belong, Believe, Behave

What if we accepted young people where they were at?

What if we were willing to create an atmopshere that welcomed them?

What if our rules weren’t built around our values and our opinions?

This got me thinking. If Jesus opened a youth centre what would it look like?











I think Jesus’ Youth Centre would:

  • Be open 24/7
  • Provide FREE meals so young people who can’t afford to eat right will be fed 3 decent meals a day
  • Have leaders that knew every young person’s name and their individual story. No one would go unnoticed.
  • Be warm and cosy inside
  • Have a smoking section outside with leaders willing to stand and chat to young people
  • Have flooring that is muddy from the shoes of the guys who were outside playing football
  • Be a place where young people could be real and not have to choose their words carefully
  • Have onsite teachers willing to help those who are not in education or need extra help
  • Be staffed by leaders who spoke truth into young people’s lives, encouraged them and supported them through everything
  • Be covered in baby toys from the teenage mums bringing their kids in and leaders would look after the wee ones while their mums have a break
  • Be a place where hugs are freely given and you’d never leave without hearing “you are loved”
  • Have an art room and music room so young people can express themselves…untamed!
  • Provide beds for homeless teenagers- FREE of charge
  • Have space to chill out and reflect
  • Be a place where tears, laughter and swearing is accepted
  • Be in the middle of the roughest area yet the windows would have no bars on them.
  • Be young people’s favourite place to go to!

Why would it look like this? Because by being shown acceptance you experience love, and by experiencing love, you meet love Himself.

Jesus welcomes everyone, so should we.

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