What God taught you in 2013 He wants you to remember in 2014.

So it’s 2014…wow. How quickly did that come round?

I don’t know what this year brings for you; if my Facebook news feed is anything to go by 2014 is bringing a lot of weddings, university, travelling, new jobs etc. Maybe you don’t know either and that’s leaving you scared, nervous, confused,excited…and more.

I do know one thing about this year though. God is already there. He is ready and willing to be involved in your life this year.

At the start of this week I reflected on the past year and everything God did for me.
365 days of pure faithfulness.

Every time I fell – He picked me up.
Every tear I cried – He wiped away and comforted me.
Every prayer I prayed – He heard and responded in accordance to His will not mine (which I am super thankful for).
Every conversation I had – He witnessed. He lead my words, gave me wisdom and made me apologise when needed.
Every battle I faced – He fought with and for me.
Every bit of good news or achievement I got – He celebrated with me.
Every sin I committed – He lovingly lead me to repentance and readily forgave me.
Every desire and need I had – He met and fulfilled.

What about you? How many things can you reflect on from 2013 and see God’s goodness in it all?

When we know what our God’s brought us through, what He’s revealed to us about Himself and what He’s done through us then no matter what 2014 brings we can face it together with Him.

Let’s be excited, filled with love and driven with passion for the Gospel this coming year.

‘Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his faithful love endures forever.’ – Psalm 107:1

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